What the Deck? How to Know Which Deck to Use

Decks are a hot topic in public relations and business. From sales decks to pitch decks, everyone wants one. However, what is the best deck to use when and when is a document format a better option? We’ll go through three of the main PR deck/presentation categories needed for a public relations agency to boost sales.

Boost Sales for Your PR Agency

1. Capabilities Deck – First up, is a Capabilities Deck. Thinks of this like a sales deck for your agency. It showcases your strengths, your wins, and highlights why a client should choose you over someone else. This is a generic, but fabulous, overview of your agency. Use it to send to prospective clients before an official pitch. Check out our template for a Capabilities Deck here.

Submit a PR Proposal

2. PR Proposal – Once you have interest from a client, and a meeting to discuss their needs or you’re answering an RFP, you’ll want to submit a PR Proposal. This covers all of the who, what, where, when, and why for the work you propose to do for them. Because the information can vary, we suggest using a well-designed Google Doc or Word document for this. It’s easier to edit and you can include more information without worrying about design limitations of Google Slides or Powerpoint. Check out our template for a PR Proposal here.

Give a Presentation on your PR Agency

3. PR Agency Pitch Deck – Now that you’ve submitted your proposal, you may need to do a presentation. If so, the presentation should contain the highlights of the proposal, in a well-designed, concise way. This is usually a Google Slide or PowerPoint presentation. Check out our PR Pitch deck template that mirrors the best parts of the PR Proposal template above.

We hope that helps as you work to get new business for your PR agency. If you have any deck tips, leave them in the comments below. We love hearing from you.

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