How to Secure Holiday Gift Guide Coverage

Securing holiday gift guide coverage is a coveted feat many clients yearn for. Learn the step by step approach to securing holiday gift guide coverage.

  1. Start Early (Like Earlier Than You Think) – To secure December holiday coverage, start thinking about Christmas in July. Getting items on journalist radars early will make both of your lives easier. They mostly work three to six months in advance. The exception to this is online publications and influencers. They will work with shorter deadlines. 
  1. Create Your Media List – Pull together your list of key journalists who cover your client’s niche and who do holiday coverage. You can also reverse engineer your research by using  Google News or PressReader. Type your client category with best of.  For example, best blankets. Also search for past holiday guides. Add relevant media to your list. Also think local or national. If your product is only available locally, then only include those journalists. 
  1. Send an unboxing Holiday experience – It’s nice to be proactive and send a sample of the product if you can. Do this in July or August. Dress it up with some holiday flare – festive wrapping paper, cotton as snow, etc. Include the key information with the box. Write to the journalist in advance and let them know a holiday gift guide contender is on its way. For media with a strong online following, ask if they would consider filming the unboxing and holding it to run in December. 
  1. Send each journalist a personal pitch – Send each journalist that received a box – and ones that didn’t – a brief and personal two paragraph pitch. You can also do this before the box goes out if you prefer. Answer the who, what, where, when, and why. Let them know why your product would be great for the holiday guide – what makes you unique. Ask them for what you want – to be included in the December under $50 gift guide round up, to have an unboxing on Instagram, to be on the Best of list for Foodies. Be specific. 
  1. Make sure you attach key assets –  For each pitch, attach or link to high-res professional photography including your item on a white background, some in situ (being used every day), and if you really want to go the extra mile, some pictures of your item within a holiday context. Also make sure you attach or link to your media kit, fact sheet (where can you buy it, how much is it, how big is it, etc.) , and any other relevant info. 
  1. Once coverage is secured – Don’t be afraid to brag a little – or a lot. Include the coverage on your social channels. Put the logo on the ‘As seen in” section of your clients website.  Send out the coverage link to your mailing list. 
  1. Send a thank you note – Send a thank you note to the journalist who covered your piece – and ask them if there is anything else they are working on that you can help them with. 
  1. Think year round – Outside of the December holidays, there are several other gift guide opportunities. Think Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Graduation, Back to school, etc.  Think in advance if there are any fits for your clients and then start the process again. 

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