Best Interview Questions To Use To Tell A Inspiring Story

Stories are much more memorable than just plain facts. Use these questions, inspired by the Hero’s Journey, to draw out the best story you can tell for your company bio, your own bio, blog posts, and more.

Step 1

  1. What made you start to do xx? 
  2. How did you come to see that this was important? 
  3. What attracted you to this project? 

Step 2

  1. Were you on another path at first? 
  2. Was this the first thing you wanted to do? 

Step 3 

  1. What circumstances helped you decide to do what you did? 
  2. How did you change your mind? 
  3. What made you finally say yes? 

Step 4

  1. Who assisted you along the way? 
  2. Who/what blocked you? 
  3. Who did you learn from?
  4. What were your influences? 

Step 5

  1. What expertise did you have to learn? 
  2. What mistakes/wrong assumptions did you make? 
  3. How did you correct that? 

Step 6

  1. Tell me about the time of your greatest challenges/struggles. 
  2. How did that happen? 
  3. What led up to that? 

Step 7 

  1. Was there a time when you thought, “This isn’t going to happen?” 
  2. Did you ever have serious doubts about what you were doing? 
  3. Did others? (may or may not be a connection to step 2) 

Step 8

  1. How did you get around that obstacle? 
  2. What happened that helped you solve the problem? 
  3. How did you figure out what to do? 

Step 9

  1. When did you know this is going to work? 
  2. What was your moment of greatest fulfillment/triumph? 
  3. What changed as a result? 

Step 10

  1. What have you learned from this challenge? 
  2. What would you tell others? 
  3. What do you know now that you didn’t know then? 

Inspired from the book Write Better, Right Now

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