21 Gifts Journalists Will Love Getting

Gifts for media. We know journalists get many gifts over the year. How do you send a thank you, holiday, or thanks for joining us gift that will stand out? Think about ways to make their lives better or simpler. Here are a few ideas.

Something Meaningful

The best gifts have a special significance. Maybe you have an inside joke with a client. Maybe you work on something with a unique angle. Think of a small gift that can have a deeper meaning.

Something experiential

Sometimes an experience is more memorable than a gift. Think of experiential things that would wow them. Here are some ideas:

  • Concert tickets
  • Tickets to the Christmas Market
  • A cooking class
  • Gift certificate for a winery dinner
  • Theatre tickets

Something to make their lives easier

In the tech department, there are many things that come to mind.

Something to make them more comfortable

Give them some small luxuries while they are clicking their keyboard all day.

Something fun

Journalists need to have fun too – and there are a few things that can add some zip to their day.

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