11 of the Best Desk Accessories We Can’t Live Without

Having the best desk accessories can give your working day a boost and bring a lot of peace, fun, and joy to your life. Here are some useful and fun items to make your zone your own.

Water bottle – This Yeti tumbler keeps your drinks hot or cold for 12 hours. Get the color that you love.

To Do list – This Rifle Paper Co. to-do list gives you a nice space to jot down quick to-do lists. As a bonus, writing to-do lists helps you achieve micro-goals and boost your confidence.

Floral Notebooks – Take copious meeting notes in these Rifle Paper Co. notebooks. Easily fit one in your bag for on the go this or that jot downs.

Lotion – Help your hands stay hydrated, especially in the cold winter months, with some luxury moisturizer. If you want unscented, try the CeraVe Therapeutic Hand Cream.

Face Roller – Destress and banish wrinkles at the same time with this jade roller that can be kept for times of deep thought.

Blue Light Glasses – Don’t let the stress of staring at a computer screen hurt your head. Use these blue light glasses to have a much more calm and serene computer using experience.

Reading Glasses – Ok maybe you’re not at this point yet, but if you need some reading glasses, having a few extra pairs lying around never hurts.

Air Pods – Pop on your favorite podcast or Spotify playlist while you plan your world domination – or world domination for your clients obviously.

Air Pod Case – Bring on more floral fun with this Rifle Paper Co. airpod case. They come in especially handy if you have a white desk.

Deep Sea Sand Art – Refocus your small brain on this soothing sand art while your big brain figures out that perfect word or pitch angle. Sometimes just shifting focus brings the answers you need.

Stress Ball Bundle – Take out your extra emotions on this stress ball that will help you get rid of some kinetic energy and refocus.

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